MCFB Board meetings and annual meeting are normally held as per the schedule below. Notices, locations, and changes to this schedule are provided through mailers and on the MCFB Facebook page. Please verify through social media or by contacting us regarding the date, time, and location of any meeting prior to attending. Voting and Supporting members are always welcome to attend any of these meetings. Associate members, members of the public, and partner representatives should contact Us if you would like to attend a meeting.

Board packets and minutes can be found on the Documents page.

Month Board Meeting Annual Meeting Holiday Gathering
January X
February X
March X
April X
May X
September X
October X
November X
December X

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MCFB prohibits workplace discrimination and harassment in all of its programs and activities. MCFB will not condone or tolerate prejudicial remarks, actions, slurs, or jokes expressed and directed at or to any person for any reason.