Farmers are resourceful and creative people, but sometimes they would like assistance solving problems or addressing issues on their land. While there are many local, state, and federal entities that assist farmers in a variety of ways, many farmers would prefer to engage with a local farm group, such as MCFB, to help them solve problems. Given this, MCFB undertakes projects, activities, and outreach to assist local farmers and communities.

Recent efforts to assist our farmers and local communities include:

If you are a local farmer and would like MCFB assistance with an issue, problem, or concern, Contact Us.

MCFB promotes local farm stands every year to assist local farmers in getting the word out to our communities.

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Information about farm service opportunities, jobs and contractor positions, land and equipment for sale or lease.

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It’s hard to know where to start. MCFB has identified the first 10+ entities that we recommend local farmers become acquainted with.

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MCFB prohibits workplace discrimination and harassment in all of its programs and activities. MCFB will not condone or tolerate prejudicial remarks, actions, slurs, or jokes expressed and directed at or to any person for any reason.